Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Retrospective – A Leaning

In Scrum environment, Retrospective meeting is always provided opportunity to learn from history and improve in future.

As we all know that motive of Retrospective is learning and working toward larger goal of improvements in terms of process, adoption and adaptation. But how to achieve this?  Let’s set some ground rules:

  • Retrospective is not to find fault with individuals/teams but for learning and improvements.
  • Retrospective is not once off exercise but a continual process cutting across Sprints and Scrum teams.
  • Current Retrospective should not loose threads from previous ones and even crossing SCRUM teams (if multiple Scrum teams are running in parallel)

Input to Retrospective

  • Pigs (Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, Deployment team) and Chickens (Scrum Master, Product Owners, Program Managers, etc.)
  • Honest open communication
  • Data from previous Retrospectives from this Scrum as well as others
  • Template to collect data during Retrospective

Focus of Retrospective

  • Shout Out pigs, chickens, other stakeholders' names that has done commendable job during sprint.
  • What went well?
  • Action on action items from previous retrospectives?
  • What has improved?
  • What does need improvement?
  • What can be improved in next sprint?

Output of Retrospective

  • Time bound actionable items
  • Enhanced Knowledge Repository for SCRUM teams/PMO/Enterprise
  • Improved confidence of team and better relationship among team members

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