Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top Tech trends of 2013

1. Merger of Tablet and Smart phone into one in developing markets ( India, China, Africa, South America)
2. BYOD will gain further momentum
3. Specialized app store will rise but will be controlled by big daddies of IT ( Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, etc)
4. Mozilla’s Mobile OS will emerge and start threatening Android.
5. Advertisers will follow you from one device to another ( Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart glasses, etc)
6. Consumerization of IT will gain further momentum
7. Jobs will keep on shifting from Hardware to Software
8. Private Cloud will gain currency will ultra large (e.g. Wallmart), financial institutions (Banks, Insurance, etc.), security and privacy conscious industry (defense contractors, etc.)
9. HTML5, Java Script, CSS experts will be in great demand
10. Social networking Analysis
11. Big Data and Social networking Analysis will rise further
12. Spatial gesture sensitive and voice controlled devices will rise further
13. Mobile payment will rise further

Top Tech trends of 2012

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