Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prediction for remaining decade (2013-2020)

1. SAAS and PAAS will prevail for small and big enterprise.
2. IAAS will thrive in enterprise data centers (Private Cloud)
3. Industry specific cloud platforms will rise to cater regulatory and vertical specific needs.
4. Fragmentation and Alternatives of Java and Enterprise Java (like Apache harmony, and Spring) will emerge stronger and official java from Oracle will loose its sheen due to lust for its monetization by Oracle.
5. Laptop, mobile and tablet will merge into one.
6. Indian IT workforce will shift from permanent job to contractual jobs like in USA.
7. Developing countries will swept by telecom revelation like India in previous decade.
8. Gamification will engulf almost all experiences especially of social media.
9. Outsoucing will change from India focused to 2I + 1 (2 location in India and one elsewhere)
10. Apple will loose its grip on smart mobile phone market.
11. Application will be pervasive in devices and appliances like phones (mobile and fixed line), TVs, automobiles, refrigerators, disk (CD/DVD/BlueRay) players, and any computing device.
12. Fragmentation of Internet - There will be walls around country or region specific internet
13. Rise of china based technology companies.

Prediction for remaining decade (2012-2020)

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