Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book Review: REST API Design Rulebook

Book Review: REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Massé: Publisher- O'Reilly: ISBN- 13: 978-1449310509

I am working in designing API for a system, so combing the internet for some ready to use material and references. During that search REST API Design Rulebook got discovered. Strangely, I discovered very few reviews of the book and either they were highly negative or positive. This prompted me to read the book.

Book is short and sweet and layout the rules of REST API in nice and concise fashion. Mark has introduces WRML ( framework which he has developed and certainly passionate about. I will not comment on WRML and its utility but if someone is smart enough to separate seed from chaff, book is excellent rule book.

Disclaimer: I did not get paid to review this book, and I do not stand to gain anything if you buy the book. I have no relationship with the publisher or the author. I got electronic format of book from publisher for review.

Further reading: There are several books on similar topic. Top two are RESTful Web Services Cookbook: Solutions for Improving Scalability and Simplicity , Service Design Patterns: Fundamental Design Solutions for SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web Services .

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