Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review: Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise

Book Review: Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito: Publisher- Microsoft Press: ISBN- 13: 978-0735663022

This book is about paradigm shift in computing – from desktop to mobile devices from an architect perspective. Though book is from Microsoft Press but Dino is fairly unbiased in his analysis and presentation of facts.

Book is divided into three parts: Going Mobile, Mobile Sites and Mobile Applications. Each part very nicely covers architectural aspects of mobile solution in concise fashion.

In Going Mobile part Dino discusses mobile strategy and comparison between mobile application and site.

Mobile Site parts reveals intricacies of Mobile sites in four different chapters. Dino has introduced HTML5 and jQuery.

Mobile Application part covers two major mobile platform – Apple iOS and Android. Since book is from Microsoft, so Windows platform has its own chapter. PhoneGap also has its own chapter.

Over all Dino has taken very balance approach while discussing development of Mobile Apps.

This book is certainly a read for any software architect who is involved in Mobile Strategy and/or development decisions.

Disclaimer: I did not get paid to review this book, and I do not stand to gain anything if you buy the book. I have no relationship with the publisher or the author. I got electronic format of book from publisher for review.

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