Monday, June 13, 2011

Are we still living in Waterfall era?

Project Closure Documentation

While going through PMBOK about Project Closure Phase (Project Integration Management --> Close Project and Phase), I realized that output of this phase requires:

1. Final Product, Service, or Result Transition ( very obvious)
2. Organizational Process Assets Update ( again very natural)
       a. Project Files: Documentation resulting from the project’s activities
        b. Project or phase closure documents: Documentations indicating successful or not closure of project
        c. Historical Information: Historical information and lesion learned.

At closure look reveals a glaring gap (especially for software oriented projects), there is no wish list for next iteration. Both Functional and non functional (technical as well) are important. This gets more spot light with agile methodologies.

A close survey of various Software service providers ( USA as well as Indian biggies) reveals same gap in their mandatory and recommended documentation list as well.

Does it reveal that we are still living in Waterfall era?

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